Wear Your Pink Cap

Rewind three years, and my first internship warranted wearing jeans, steel-toe boots, and a bump cap to work each day. I worked in a packaging plant where the abundance of heavy machinery meant taking some necessary precautions. For those of you who don't know what a "bump cap" is, it is a hard hat of sorts. Instead of wearing a bright yellow plastic hat, bump caps are plastic inserts that can line the inside of any baseball cap.

When packing for my internship, I knew exactly which baseball cap I would be taking.

I would be taking this one.


My baby pink Vineyard Vines baseball cap (doesn't quite look pink here). 

Dad didn't quite agree.

"You're going to wear a pink cap while working in a manufacturing plant?" 

Why yes, Dad. I believe I will wear my baby pink, uber girly baseball cap to work.

And I did.

I wore a pink bump cap to work every day for three months, regardless of what anyone had to say about the fact. 

To play Devil's advocate, my dad was alluding to the fact that 99% of the individuals who would most likely be working in this plant would be blue-collar, older, white men. It would seemingly have been better to pick a nondescript black baseball cap to wear to work each day.

Just because you work with men, doesn't mean you have to dress like them.

Just because you work with men, doesn't mean you have to dress like them

Here's the thing. Me wearing my pink baseball cap was not going to change how well I do the job.

Also? It made me pretty damn easy to find walking around the plant floor. Just look for the bobbing pink cap with the massive black ponytail sticking out. Bingo.  By the end of the summer, everyone knew who to expect if you saw a pink bump cap headed your way.

While the pink baseball cap is now reserved for outings, I will continue rocking the dangly earrings or killer boots (that may or may not be a pain in the ass to walk in). Because that's on me. It won't make me any less of a feminist (read: such as Emma Watson acknowledging the fact she has boobs) or any less of any employee. My looks and my smarts are two separate things.