The ClassPass Adventures

In the several months since I started traveling for my job, I have opted for alternate travel options on many weekends instead of going back to my home city. I've found it increasingly difficult to fit in a good workout when visiting friends and family.

At first, I figured that occasionally skipping a couple of weekend workouts was no big deal. But then there were the Monday morning fly-day workouts that I would skip, as I awoke at 5 am to hustle off to the airport. There were the middle-of-the-week workouts which were ignored because I stayed up just a bit too late the night before. Before I knew it, I had picked up a few pounds.


Nervous that this would snowball, I knew that I needed to figure out a way to get those weekend workouts in without fail. 

Previously, I gave Kayla Itsines' BBG app a go. From my understanding, her workouts were quick 28-minute routines that you could do anywhere. I scoured Instagram for some before-and-after pictures. The results seemed phenomenal. Perfect, right? I could supposedly do these workouts in my parent's living room or the bestie's college apartment. However, I soon found out that you do need some equipment to use the BBG workouts (and a good chunk of space). Without a proper yoga mat, weights, and a bench, the workouts could only be half-assed at best. I canceled my subscription soon after realizing that the BBG app failed to provide the flexibility I had hoped for.

About a month later, I was scrolling through Facebook past yet another annoying "Try ClassPass for $19" ad. I scrolled past, back up, and then clicked on the ad out of curiosity.

If you're curious too, here's some FAQs.

Why do any two workouts need to be the same?

Long story short, ClassPass is a "gym membership" available in 39 cities that allows you to take classes at any of the "in-network" ClassPass studios. These could be your local Title Boxing, Barre 3, or a multitude of non-franchised local studios (think anything from yoga, to TRX, to CrossFit). The catch is that you must pay for a total of 3, 5, or 10 monthly classes (sort of like a monthly punch card that won't roll over), and the number of repeat visits to a single studio location is limited as well. This means, that you could purchase the 5 session ClassPass, but only be allowed to visit your favorite boxing gym once any given month.

Of this, what was most attractive to me was the "ClassPass Flex" option. This meant that I could sign up for a membership and visit studios in any of the 39 cities where ClassPass existed. With most of my friends and family in large metropolitan areas, where ClassPass exists, this seemed like a probable solution to my weekend workout situation.

My current job as a consultant has made me embrace change, new experiences, and never having two days that are quite the same. So why do any two workouts need to be the same either? By getting in my weekend workouts, I can feel better about and better enjoy all of my weekend adventures as well.

Already, I've had a chance to visit a Barre 3 while in Atlanta visiting my parents and Bodytek Fitness while in Fort Lauderdale on vacation. Look for more of my Class Pass adventures, where I'll tell the goods and the bads of the new classes that I try. Knowing me, I'm sure there will be some interesting stories to tell.