Skrrt Skrrt'n

In the spirit of the holidays and team bonding, my current client decided to take the team to a local racing course and get some friendly competition going. Our squad of nearly four dozen rolled up to Steel City Indoor Karting, more excited than a pack of pandas trying to get a glimpse of a human. Except that we wanted a glimpse of the sick go-kart course.


We geared up for a night of food, racing, and more food (much to our dismay there was no beer, which made sense since driving high-speed go karts after a few beers probably qualifies as drinking-and-driving).

Steel City Indoor Karting is a Grand Prix styled, all-electric, indoor go-karting venue. We were lucky enough to have the entire 64,000 square foot facility rented out to be used as our playground.

Our group was split into teams. Teams then had one driver present in any given heat. At the end of the night, the team with the lowest totaled split times won. When it was finally my heat's turn to race, we walked around back to the loading zone and strapped on helmets (with some very attractive head socks as well, hygiene first).

The electric go-karts were lined up and charging, patiently waiting for the next group of racers to jump in and speed off. Each of the racers was assigned a car number so that the crowd could track our lap times on monitors placed throughout the facility. Lives results were populated onto these screens so that viewers could see, in real time, who was winning the heat at any given moment.

Each heat was timed at 8 minutes, which meant that it did not matter how many laps you took. What mattered was the time it took to complete a single lap. A driver's best lap time from the entire 8 minutes was taken into consideration when determining winners.


I tried to get some Mario Kart-style drifting going, so that I could look badass going around all of the snaking corners. I quickly found out that trying to drift usually ended with me running into every single corner. Instead, smoothly rounding the corners seemed to work better and knock more seconds off of my best lap time.

Seems like the drifting and turtle shells will have to be left to the next round of Beerio Karts.

I meant Mario Karts. Sorry Mom.