Wide World of Sports

Today was my first time at Disney's Wide World of Sports! The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex spans 220 acres and hosts a variety of events throughout the year for both pro and amateur athletes.

Eight of us were stationed there for six hours to work the National High School Cheerleading Championships. I don't think I've ever seen so many cheerleaders in one place. Personally, I think cheerleading is a sport. There are plenty of people out there who mock cheerleading and feel like it isn't a real sport. Those are the same people who think dancing isn't a real sport. In my opinion, both are.

I was never a cheerleader, but I think it would have been fun. It definitely takes talent to land some of the crazy stunts they pull off. If I were a cheerleader, it would look something a bit more like this.

Before attending the Cheerleading Nationals event, I thought that "Cheer Moms" were the intense ones. I know better now. It's the "Cheer Dads" who you need to watch out for. Those glittered-up Dads will literally do anything for their little munchkins. That includes plowing people out of the way to get where they're going. I can personally attest to the fact.