Waking Up In Vegas

Last weekend, I made the spontaneous decision to visit Las Vegas for the weekend.

Technically, the spontaneous decision happened a few weeks earlier, more specifically: the day that I signed my full-time offer. I was in a pretty happy place, so naturally I purchased a non-refundable ticket to Vegas about 15 minutes after signing my offer.

The weekend we bought tickets for happened to be the one right before finals.


We headed down Friday via a 5 hour long flight, reaching Las Vegas late in the evening. We checked into Luxor and then rounded up the rest of the troops, who had flown in from Orlando. For our first night in Vegas we headed to Omnia, a club located within Caesars Palace.

About halfway through our evening at Omnia, a random young-at-heart man who was old enough to be someone's grandfather made an appearance on the dance floor. Mardi Gras beads and all. He then proceeded to shove one of my girl's boyfriend out of the way, just so that he could ask her to dance. Not sure if that whole encounter goes in the "funny" bin of memories or the "creepy" bin.

After a long night at the club, a large amount of carbs was in order. This meant pizza. We called the first late-night delivery pizza place we found (honestly, all the pizza places in Vegas are late-night) and ordered two large pizzas. After putting on our PJs, we patiently waited for our mass order of carbs to arrive.

Except they didn't.

Approximately six hours later, we woke up without any pizza and with 87 missed phone calls. Talk about first world problems.

We woke up without any pizza and with 87 missed phone calls.

We learned a few lessons that night:

  1. It is easier to walk downstairs to the second floor of your hotel and eat at the late-night food court, where this are a variety of options including pizza and McDonalds. I could have had late-night hash browns at McDonalds.

  2. If you are going to order pizza half-asleep, don't leave your phone on silent because you won't hear the delivery person call you 87 times.

Also, just a thought, but who has the patience to call someone 87 times? If I was that delivery person, I would have called twice at most before leaving the pizza outside of our door. But I guess that's just me. That was one determined delivery person.

Brunch that morning was even more so filled with carbs. Afterwards, our first full day in Las Vegas was spent exploring The Strip.

The last time I was in Vegas, I was ten years old for a "family vacation." My dad had a conference in town, so before our trip to Disneyland, we made a quick stop in Sin City. Needless to say, I left with a lot of questions.

But Vegas isn't like that anymore. There aren't any scumbags handing out inappropriate trading cards, the billboards aren't X-rated like they used to be, and the streets felt cleaner.

For our second night and final night, we visited XS Nightclub. Personally, this location was my favorite of the two. The club had a large indoor dance floor with surrounding booths, some outdoor European pools (not sure if those actually get used), and outdoor sitting areas surrounding the pool. While at the club, we had a chance to hear world-famous DJ Aleeso spin some tracks.

It was a definitely an amazing weekend, filled with with good times and good friends.

With the first half of my senior year wrapping up, I think I've kept my "senior year promise" pretty well so far.

But for now? It's back to real-life and studying for finals.

Until next time, Vegas.