Tonsils No More

Tonsils No More

I am finally relatively awake and not groggy for the first time since early this morning. I had the lovely experience of undergoing a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy today. That means I will pretty much only be eating yogurt, popsicles and ice cream for two weeks. It shouldn't be that bad, I mean how many times have you gone on a mandatory ice cream diet? Exactly.

My arrival time was 7 am. We figured since the surgery time was a half hour, I'd be in and out by 9 am. We were slightly off.

I didn't end up going into surgery until almost 10 am. They got me set up in a private room and hooked me up to an IV to begin with. 

It took the nurse three painful tries to insert the IV. The first two tries were in the veins on the back of my hands. Needless to say, since the area is so bony, I could feel everything as she struggled to shove a needle up my vein and the IV didn't even stay. The nurse was finally able to insert the IV into the crook of my arm.

After sitting around a bit, I finally walked down to the operating room with my nurse. There were a lot more people than I thought there would be in the OR. I was quickly set up on the operating table, covered up in several warm blankets and don't remember anything until I was back in my private room.

Afterwards, there was a three hour recovery period. This is because tonsillectomies have a high risk of post-surgery bleeding. Once I was relatively awake, my nurse brought me some painkillers and popsicles to soothe my throat.


I got home around 2 pm and have been sleeping ever since, as I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything else until tomorrow. I also can't talk at all so I've been walking around writing on sticky pads or typing things onto my computer to communicate. And miming. At this rate, I will be a professional mime in a few days.