Therapy Dogs & Egg Nog

Yesterday was my last day of class for this semester and for a solid eight months. I won't be returning back to school until next September due to two internship offers I accepted, making these last few days on campus extremely bittersweet. Everyone around me is in the midst of scheduling classes and making plans for next semester, things I know I will not be around to partake in.

All in all, it was a pretty good last day of class. After submitting a massive group project, Chika and I spent some time playing with therapy dogs at the library.

Later on in the evening, Triangle had it's annual holiday party, a chance to look classy and celebrate the last day of classes! It was a great chance to relax and see so many of my beautiful Phi Rho sisters. I am going to miss them all next semester, so I enjoyed having a chance to spend time with many of them.