The Summer of Me

I don't start working full time until August. From graduation to my first day of work, I have approximately three months. Three months can be a long time, especially when they are free of any commitments. That sort of time can drag on and easily be filled with long afternoon naps or hours of Netflix. Or, that sort of time can be a gift.

While I did spent a significant portion of the week post-graduation napping and Netflixing, I have decided to see these upcoming months as a gift and am determined to fill them with new adventures and experiences.

College is supposed to be the time of your life where you figure out who you are, what you want out of life, and where you're going. But that's not always easy to do between classes and extracurriculars and internships and exams and (the list just keeps going on).

So this summer is going to be about me. This is my chance for guilt-free selfishness.

This is my chance for guilt-free selfishness.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the adventures I've put on my summer bucketlist.

1 // Take a beginner's golf class. Growing up, my parents enrolled me in classes for almost every sport known to man. One sport that I never took up as a child was golf. Since boxing doesn't provide enough of an outlet to hit things, I've decided to sign up for golf lessons. Fingers crossed that my first time out on a course doesn't end with a full blown tantrum (i.e. adorable child in the gif below). I can't make any promises though. For now, I'm sticking with the driving range and weekly lessons.

2 // Visit loved ones. While it has been difficult saying "see you later" to many of my close friends as they move far-and-wide across the country, this does give me an excuse to travel. My tickets are booked for Seattle (where I'll be seeing YG) and I will be dartying at the Indy 500 later this month. In the works? Definitely NYC (missing The Bae Apple lots), Virginia, and hopefully Tennessee!

3 // Back to boxing. I took up boxing last semester and immediately fell in love. Boxing has proven to be an amazing full-body workout and stress reliever. After having put my Title Boxing membership on hold this past semester (senior design was the death of me), I am back at it!

4 // Watch all 7 Star Wars movies. This has been put on my bucketlist courtesy of Jon. He firmly believes that I will become a more cultured individual after I have seen these movies. And I will actually get all of his Star Wars references.

5 // Read because I want to. College is filled with reading, but always readings that you are required to do. Ironically enough, I am currently reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, a book that I had been assigned to read last fall for a marketing class. I never actually read the book back then, but now find it absolutely intriguing and relevant to everyday life. Next up? Tina Fey's Bossypants and Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance.

6 // Shoot with accuracy. Until about a week ago, if someone had handed me a gun, I more than likely would have literally shot myself in the foot. I had never held a gun, let alone shot one. Pacifist or not, I do believe that knowing how to handle and shoot a gun is a useful life skill for everyone to learn. So far I have successfully learned to handle and load a handgun (both feet are still intact). I've even done a half decent job hitting the target during my first time at the shooting range.

7 // Work on my six pack. And no, I'm not talking about that six pack of Oberon sitting in my fridge. While I wouldn't mind ending the summer with chiseled abs, I have every intention of regimenting my workout schedule and eating much healthier this summer. If anyone is looking for some new workout music, hit me up on Spotify. My #SquatLyfe playlist literally kicks ass.