The Senior Year Promise

Today, I make the long ten-hour drive to Ann Arbor with my family in tow. Except this time, instead of my parents just leaving me behind, they'll be dropping off the baby Wolverine as well! I'm so incredibly excited for my baby sister to experience all of the magic that Michigan has to offer (even if she's not so excited to be on the same campus as me).

Tomorrow I'll be moving the baby Wolverine into Mary Markley Hall, the same dorm I lived in three years ago. It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone.

Moving into Mary Markley my freshman year.

I wish I could do it all over again and be a naive, carefree freshman. it was okay to be a bit confused and have no idea what was going on. It was okay to be a little stupid because you could blame it on being a freshman. You got to live in a dorm with thousands of other kids who were in the same boat as you and then go downstairs to the cafeteria where you got food you did not cook yourself. It was great.

Graduating college means growing up and doing things like scheduling your own dentist appointments or having to remind yourself to eat your own veggies.

I've reached that place where many people would get a bit sappy (already did this) and start making a bucket list of some sort. While I definitely debated that, and I may make one as the year progresses, at this point I think it is more important for me to make a promise to myself.

I promise myself that I will not waste a minute of senior year.

I won't opt to stay in on a Saturday night because I'm "too tired" when I could be out with my girlfriends at Rick's dancing the night away.  I won't hole up in the library for that extra un-needed hour of studying instead of attending that pep rally on The Diag. I won't skip out on a single football Saturday because I'm convinced my homework will literally take me all weekend (it's been proven that it never does).

I promise that I will make my senior year the best one yet so that the "remember when's" can be relived for years to come.

Senior year, I'm ready for you.

In the Big House for the first time!

The Big House tunnel.