The "Secret" Disney Menu

Anyone who has dietary restrictions knows that traveling and eating out at restaurants can sometimes be a challenge. I have been a vegetarian my entire life, mainly because my parents are lifelong vegetarians, and their parents are lifelong vegetarians, and so on.

For anyone with a dietary restriction traveling to a Disney park or resort, it helps to know about the "secret" menu items that Disney has.

This past week, all of the Industrial Engineering interns took an intern lunch at The Wave, an American cuisine restaurant at Disney's Contemporary Resort. After scanning the menu, it seemed as though there was only one vegetarian dish that I could order. When the waitress came around to take our orders, I made a point of asking what vegetarian options The Wave offered. The waitress not only pointed out the option on the menu, but then proceeded to list off a few vegetarians options that were not anywhere on the menu.

These "secret" menu items are not simply modifications of regular dishes. Each of the "secret" dishes are unique creations, just like every other item on the menu. They aren't just regular menu items with the meat taken out.

I got this yummy burger at The Wave. Yes, it really was as good as it looks.

I had a similar experience at Tony's Town Square in Magic Kingdom when out for dinner with Kylie. The menu only had two vegetarian options, but after speaking with the waitress, I was able to order a delicious balsamic pasta primavera.

If you want to be able to pick out restaurants before you arrive at Disney, you can ask about the special menu items by calling (407) 824-5967 to speak with Disney's Special Diets Hotline!