The Gupta's Take NYC {Pt. 2}

My family recently came out to visit me in NYC where I am interning for the summer! If you haven't had a chance to read about their first couple of days in the city, click below.

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Our first stop on Day 3 was The Met. My sister and mom just started watching Gossip Girl, so they didn't quite catch my "yogurt on The Met steps" reference.

Photo: The CW

Unfortunately, it was beginning to storm outside as we reached The Met. We only lingered outside long enough to catch a picture of my mom fussing over my dad. She was probably trying to fix his hair and he was probably making some sort of sarcastic joke that really just meant, "Stop touching my hair." Oh parents.

For anyone that has ever been to The Met, they know that it is ridiculously large and would take months to really pore through each exhibit. After a lot of back-and-forth of who wanted to go where, we headed towards the "Egyptian Art" collection.

One section of the collection features The Temple of Dendur, built by the Roman emperor who succeeded Cleopatra. The temple was eventually dismantled (obviously, since it is no longer in Egypt) and presented to the United States by the Egyptian government as a gift.

From there, we progressed on to Madame TussaudsI wasn't quite sure what to expect from a wax museum since I've only ever seen the sculptures in pictures. The pictures I had seen made the sculptures look extremely realistic, but I figured that must be the lighting.

It was definitely not the lighting.

I'm not sure why, but the lighting at Madame Tussauds was absolutely horrible. Trying to take a picture with one of the wax figures was like taking a picture up in the club: there wasn't enough lighting and there were just too many people getting up in your business. I felt like I was body surfing the entire time I was at the wax museum.

Out of the four of us, my dad definitely cheesed up for the camera the most.

But no worries, Mom got some 007 action in.