It is 8 pm on a Sunday and I just woke up from a nap. My roommate Patty is currently in the middle of one. There is a perfectly valid reason why. Not that you need one for a nap.

Five of us had spent the better part of the afternoon walking from our apartments to the Brooklyn Smorgasburg. We ended up walking over four miles throughout the course of the day, justifying the late-day naps. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge had been one of the last things on my bucket list for this summer. With only two more weeks left in the city, it was time to start crossing off the last few items.

The temperature was in the high eighties by the time we set out. We sprayed down in sunscreen and suited up in our best baseball hats. Days like this, most of the city becomes stale, oven-like, and honestly, everything starts to smell a bit. This has taken a bit of acclimation for a Midwesterner who is used to woodsy scents instead of wafts of day-old garbage.

The top of the Brooklyn Bridge was an entirely different story though. The fresh breeze whipped through the highest arches of the bridge and was soothing as we made our way across. Crossing the bridge itself only took about twenty minutes. However, our wanderings trying to find Smorgasburg took a bit longer.

We made it there eventually, however.

The location for Smorgasburg rotates between Willamsburg on Saturdays and DUMBO on Sundays, with vendors paying hundreds of dollars to secure a spot. You can find everything from the famous Ramen Burger to Indian Tacos. After lapping the grounds twice, I settled on a vendor called Bamboo Bites. Their dishes are served in bamboo bowls with a matching bamboo fork. I was thrilled to see that they had multiple vegetarian options and ended up choosing the Tofu Satay.

The sticky rice and tofu were topped with a tangy cucumber relish and crushed peanuts. It was absolutely delicious and I recommend it to anyone who stops by Smorgaburg!