Why Sheryl Sandberg Is My Homegirl

I don't read books of my own choosing as often as I should. This summer provided an opportune moment to change this. Each morning and each evening I had a 15 minute subway ride to and from work. The subway I rode was never very crowded and allowed for plenty of standing and sitting room. I noticed that others would take these periods of solidarity, where cell service was not available, to put down their phones and read instead.

It was time for a trip to Barnes & Noble. After a half hour of bumbling around, I stumbled upon the "Recent Graduates" section. Even though I had a year of college remaining, I was plagued by many fears that soon-to-be and recent graduates have. A book that has been praised far and wide caught my eye: Sheryl Sandberg's special graduates' edition of Lean In. After reading the dust cover, I rushed to the register. It seemed as though I had found an answer to my worries. And I was right.

Photo: Her Campus

There is no point in me trying to summarize Sheryl's book or even pick out a few favorite quotes or chapters. Why? Because every sentence in her book speaks to frustrations and thoughts that have run through my mind for years. So instead, I urge you to read what Sheryl has to say. No matter what your age or gender, you not only need to hear what Sheryl has to say, but you need to realize what Sheryl has to say.

Reading Lean In felt as though Sheryl was reading my mind. Through her book, she is a psychiatrist easing my worries and an old friend providing me her personal words of wisdom. It felt as though she were sitting right next to me on the subway telling me her life story.

If Sheryl and I went skydiving together, she would be the person who picks me up and throws me out of the plane whether I wanted to jump or not. That is exactly what her book did for me. Sheryl gave me the push that I needed. It doesn't matter if I want to lean in, her book made me realize that I need to lean in. I found that doing so has honestly been a huge relief. I am not perfect, and a lot of what Sheryl speaks to is still tough for me, but I am trying my best every day.

If Sheryl Sandberg and I went skydiving together, she would be the person who picks me up and throws me out of the plane.

Articles about why Sheryl is crazy and why you should not "lean in" are a dime a dozen. Women and men alike who cannot appreciate what Sheryl has to say are the same people trying to hold back those who do. I will talk anyone's ears off about her book if they are willing to listen because her book is pure gold.

Since Sheryl (yes, we are on a first-name basis) has proven to always have my back when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, I decided to take a stab at discussing her book through my personal experiences. I will be writing a three post "mini series" for my Consumer Behavior class that draws upon several topics in Sheryl's book and talks about how her words have impacted my life. If Sheryl ever reads these posts, I hope she will appreciate my mild sarcasm and GIF-filled posts.