Playing Hooky

Starting off college, I had many misconceptions regarding how the next four years would go. For one, I was firmly convinced that I would graduate as a mechanical engineer with a 4.0 GPA. Two years later, I can guarantee neither of those will be happening. I was also determined to stay at college for a full eight semesters. Coming in to college, I had my fair share of credits. To counterbalance these extra credits, I picked up a couple of minors. This way I wouldn't have to graduate early (I've been trying to put off being a real adult for as long as possible).

Two months ago, career fair season began. That meant it was time to spruce up my resume and submit a couple dozen applications. Some companies had no interest in interviewing me further, while others offered me positions. Of the companies who offered me positions, several asked if I would be willing to take a semester off for a co-op or internship. The thought had never seriously crossed my mind.

One month ago, I officially signed an offer with the Disney Professional Internships Program. By doing so, I also officially decided to take a semester off of school. From January 2015 through May 2015, I will be soaking up the sun as I intern in Lake Buena Vista, Florida!

One thing I won't be missing? The snow. However, it's hard to imagine living somewhere that isn't buried in snow for most of the year.

I hadn't finalized my summer plans until a little over a week ago. I had been deliberating for weeks between two positions. After carefully weighing all the pros and cons, I finally accepted a position with J.P. Morgan as an Operations Analyst Intern! It was an extremely difficult decision, but I look forward to spending a summer in NYC. Being a small-town girl, I have no doubt that there are plenty of adventures in store for me.

I am extremely happy with my decision to take a semester off and explore different career opportunities. Having never lived anywhere but the midwest, both Florida and New York will be completely new experiences.