Packing Sucks

The other day, I was looking back at this year and realized that I will have lived in four different locations within the span of a year. This means not only did I move in and out of four locations, but I moved home for a few weeks each time in between. I have learned something very important from these moves: packing sucks.

Unpacking isn't that bad. I usually overturn my suitcases onto my new bed and proceed to sleep in any remaining space until I have put everything away.

Well, today I have to start packing for my move to NYC. It's not that bad at the beginning. I very carefully decide between what I need to bring and what I want to bring.

But then, I begin to have separation anxiety and start moving items from my 'want' pile over to my 'need' pile. That's when things begin to go downhill. Before I know it, I've convinced myself that I will definitely need that one sundress I bought sophomore year that still has the tags on it.

This is usually when my mom gives me "the look." Anyone who has had their mom give them some variation of "the look", knows it is not a good thing. I'm pretty sure this is because her definition of 'need' differs from mine. Personally, I believe that I need ten workout tops. Mom feels otherwise.