New Orleans & Wedding Things

At the start of winter break, I got on a plane headed down south to New Orleans for a family friend's wedding. This was less than 12 hours after finishing my last exam.

The hours leading up to my flight didn't go as well as I might have hoped. I had an 8 am flight and not an item packed by 4 am. This can be attributed to the fact that I decided to go to a Pistons game immediately after my last exam (where Drummond killed it as usual) and then do laundry at midnight.

Even though I didn't get any sleep, I did manage to be packed and at the airport in time to catch my flight!

Indian weddings are known for their multitude of events, lasting several days and being a large celebration of two families coming together. Both the bride and the groom's families host different events before the actual wedding that are meant to welcome all of their new family members. Being Indian, that means food and lots of it.

Each event at the wedding was absolutely exquisite, making attendees feel as though they had stepped into a fairytale. From the lavish decorations to the delicious food, everything was amazing. One of my favorite aspects of the planning was how the color scheme at each event was perfectly coordinated with the bride's attire. I mean let's be honest, no one really cares what the groom is wearing. He's just there for added aesthetics, kind of like a Ken doll.

Aside from the wedding festivities, being in New Orleans was a chance for a large reunion of family friends. I loved seeing so many friends from around the country, all in one place spending time together. It finally began to feel like the holidays!