Live From The Palace

Since I'm taking a semester of school off, I had to pack up and move out of my apartment after moving in only four months ago. My family drove down to help. While they were in town, we decided to check out the Pistons vs. Raptors game this past Friday. No family outing is complete without matching outfits.

Friday was my first time at a NBA game. Watching the game live versus at home on my couch was a completely different experience! One of the night's highlights was when Andre Drummond hip-checked James Johnson and a fight ensued. This isn't the NHL, Drummond.

It took a couple seconds to realize what was going on, since fights aren't very common in the NBA. The fight was broken up pretty quickly. Otherwise, my money would have been on Drummond. Needless to say, technical fouls were handed out left and right. As Oprah would say:

The Pistons haven't had the greatest season, Friday's game being no different. They came out of half-time tied, and ended the game with a ten point deficit. All-in-all, it was a great experience and I definitely plan to attend more NBA games!