It All Started With A Mouse

Today, I packed up my ears as my Disney internship came to a close.

These past several months have been eye-opening and fun-filled. I have made friends I will never forget and new memories that I will always cherish. Aside from everything I learned while working for Disney, I really grew as an individual. It was interesting living outside of the Midwest for the first time and living in an area where driving across town can take an hour instead of five minutes. Skipping out on Polar Vortex Pt. 2 wasn't a bad deal either.

To all of my fellows interns, thank you for making my semester in Florida a truly unforgettable experience. This term would have been incomparable without the crazy memories I made with each of you. Ya'll are the reason that I hate days like today.

Days like today are always the worst part of an internship, saying good-bye. Or as I am constantly reminded, it's just a "see you later." So I will see you later Florida and everyone who I had a chance to connect with. It's a small world though and I'm sure our paths will cross again. No pun intended.