Imagine Dragons Concert

One of my besties has been spending most of her summer down in Wisconsin. I decided to head down to visit her this past weekend and check out the Imagine Dragons concert at Summerfest as well! I wasn't too stressed about the six hour trip down to Milwaukee until after passing through Green Bay. Not only was construction plentiful, it was rush hour and it was the first time I had ever driven on a four-lane highway. It didn't help that I was driving alone! After getting lost twice (with a GPS) and almost running out of gas, I finally made it.

We got to Summerfest the next day later in the evening than we had planned and had to battle through crowds of people to get our tickets and then get through the gates. Once we were finally inside, it was so jam packed that you either fought to through others to get where you were going or get pushed around in the masses of people.

When we finally got to the Miller Lite stage, the bleachers where we had originally planned on sitting were filled up even though the concert didn't start until 10 pm. We ended up barely being able to see the stage and had to stand.

This wasn't a huge deal except for the fact that we had to stand around like sardines for a few hours. Thankfully, the concert started on time! It was amazing being able to hear Imagine Dragons in person. They are definitely one of those bands that sounds just as good, if not better, in person as on their CD.

After about an hour, we got sick of standing and being squished by everyone around us. Kallan and I headed out of the crowd and decided to look for the stall selling Imagine Dragons concert tees.