I Know You're Lyin'

I Know You're Lyin'

Earlier this week, I took a trip to a local sports med clinic to see an orthopedic surgeon. As some of you know, I managed to tear clear through the medial meniscal cartilage in one of my knees last summer. The injury itself wasn't as painful as the surgery and post-op were. I spent a solid six weeks on crutches, the next couple months strapped into a knee brace, and I'm still in physical therapy.

How did I managed to rip my meniscus into two? I was going too hard at the gym.

But no seriously, I ripped it in half after my knee awkwardly buckled while I was on the leg press. Yes, not a pretty image.

Anyways, I still haven't been cleared to perform any type of compression exercise (running, jumping, etc.) which means I am still in physical therapy. Florida requires that patients have an in-state script for physical therapy, which brings us back to the local Florida sports med clinic I visited earlier this week.

I could rant for days about how much I hate visiting any doctor's office. This time was no exception.

I took three hours off of work so that I could drive a half hour across town to the clinic. Though I got to the clinic on time, it took a half hour before I was taken back to a room. At this point, the nurse insisted I needed an x-ray of my knee. After losing that argument, I spent the next hour waiting to get the x-ray done. Afterwards, a nurse escorted me back to my room and told me the doctor was heading straight to my room.

At that point, I wanted to start singing some Meghan Trainor.

Forty minutes later, the surgeon finally made a 30-second appearance. He was in the room just long enough to tell me my knee looked great and proceeded to hand me a script for the continuation of my physical therapy. I'm sure those 30-seconds only cost me half a grand.

I've had two experiences with the Florida health system so far and both have been less than ideal. There might be a lot of doctors and a lot of elderly individuals, but the hospitals here need to up their game.