I Am Not Bill Nye

I spent a good portion of today struggling with the physics project I have due by midnight.

To summarize, there's these two packing peanuts which I sewed threads through (which took forever) and hung from mixing spoons. Then I'm supposed to charge the peanuts with a sweater or my hair so that they repel each other and I measure the repellent force. Sounds like fun, right?

Ha. No.

First off, trying to rub the packing peanuts with the sweater without destroying them is a challenge in itself. Next, the peanuts either didn't charge or they didn't charge enough to actually repel each other. That left me with pretty much no results.

Instead of making good use of my time, I decided to do what any self-respecting female engineering would do when she is bored: take some selfies.

If you look behind me, you can actually see the setup of my experiment. So if anyone asks, I was actually taking a picture of my experiment and just happened to end up in the frame. With that face.

I don't understand why this little science project was so difficult. I mean when Bill Nye does science projects, everything magically works for him. I mean sure, the network probably had something to do with that since science project failures wouldn't make that great of a TV show. But I seriously doubt that even Bill Nye the Science Guy himself could make my packing peanuts repel.

My professor said it was the humidity. We're going to with that because then I don't have to do any of the related calculations.

Also, here's Bill Nye eating a sandwich. Just because.