Home for the Holidays

After a fun two weeks at home, I am on the move again. I am currently in beautiful Florida, enjoying some time with family friends before I begin my internship at Walt Disney World! It still seems surreal that I will be spending the next four months surrounded by palm trees instead of snow.

Winter break kept me busy through! Aside from the binge eating and Netflix, I had one of my best friends come visit for a few days! It was so much fun to see Salina and spend time with her. Since we go to different colleges, I don't get to see her too often.

When the two of us weren't playing Trivia Crack or SimCity on our iPads, we picked through an assortment of board games. My all-time favorite board game, Ticket To Ride, is one my Dad picked up while on a business trip. Each player is given various train routes that they need to construct, which requires strategic thinking and racing to build before others do. Strategy games like this one are my favorite and provide a different game experience each time!

I ended winter break by spending some time hanging out at the brockit studio. It was so much fun playing dress up! We took some shots out on the balcony so that the snow could serve as a constrast to my jumpsuit. You can't tell, but I was up to my shins in snow and shivering!