Flirty, Fun, and Pink

This past week, I had the opportunity to be flown out to Columbus, Ohio and partake in the yearly Victoria's Secret Pink Campus Representative Training. After being hired by Pink in April, I was told that the first step in becoming a rep was attending this 4-day long training session to become acquainted with the brand and to provide my insights on the upcoming Pink line.

Pink has a presence on 99 campuses around the nation.

[Check Pink Nation to Find Yours]

Of these 99, the campus representatives from 8 were invited a day early to participate in school-specific focus groups and a special collegiate photoshoot!

We were able to capture some behind-the-scenes shots, but I can't wait to see the actual pictures.

After the shoot, Reps from the other 90 schools began to arrive. Each school in attendance had two Campus Representatives that are in charge of the school's Street Team. Collectively, the Street Team works to promote the brand on campus. To kick off training, Reps from the same school were provided with matching VS Pink outfits to get our official pictures done in.

Later that evening, after a series of speakers and breakout sessions, Pink had planned a movie night for all of us. My favorite part was probably the extensive and colorful candy bar. Needless to say: kettle corn and M&M's for days. They had also setup carnival games such as a wind machine, cotton candy, and panty giveaways!

I'm not sure when, but I'm going to have to get use to using the word "panty" sometime this year.

To finish things off on our last day in Columbus, Pink took us out to dinner and then took us to a private shopping event at the local Victoria's Secret Pink store. They provided each of us with a gift card that we could use to pick out a few items for ourselves. 

The worst part of the weekend was saying goodbye to the crazy, beautiful girls I had become friends with in such a short time. When you stick 200 girls in a hotel for a week, it is bound to be a little bit insane. But the good kind of insane.

Here's a cute picture of us that pretty much embodies the week. I think we've officially nailed the "everyone look at someone else and fake laugh" picture.