Fish Throws & Glass Garden Glows

Having grown up in the Midwest, I've never spent much time on the West Coast. None of my internships brought me out West, nor have I had much of an excuse to visit the area either. Until now that is. With Chika having moved out to Seattle for work and plenty of time on my hands this summer, I had an opportune excuse to go visit. 

Seattle was also the perfect chance for me to break out my new camera and snap a few fun pictures. I recently decided to invest in a "real" camera as opposed to the one on my phone. For anyone wondering, I went with the Nikon D5300. I opted out of the Nikon 5500 (the latest model in its line) because the only real improvement was a touchscreen. One of my favorite features? Full resolution pictures can be instantly downloaded to your smartphone for all of the insta-worthy moments that need to be posted ASAP.

Camera in hand, our first stop was Pike Market Place.

One of my favorite stops while at Pike Market was Beecher's.

Customers are able to peer in through windows and actually watch the cheese being made. To my surprise, an entire batch of cheese could be mixed, set, and cut into slabs within a half hour. Chika and I grabbed some of the famous Beecher's macaroni (as a snack for when we waited in line for Piroshky Piroshky).

My inner foodie was very happy to say the least.

Our next stop was a famous fish stall known for throwing fish.

Hundreds of people crowded around the stall with their cameras poised and ready. They were waiting for the next time a customer purchased one of these insanely large fish. Once one had been purchased, a worker prepared the fish for packaging by giving it a toss.

On my final day in Seattle, Chika brought me to Chihuly Glass and Garden.

Chihuly is a museum composed of pieces of art that are the works pieced together entirely by the museum's namesake. Each piece of glass is handblown and unique. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of each of the pieces.