Exploring Epcot

I am officially orientated and working at Disney! All of this past Saturday was spent learning about Disney's history, traditions, and safety regulations. The interns were also given our official ID badges which allow us to complimentary access to all Disney parks.

As industrial engineers, we're required to enter the various parks and resorts fairly often to perform time studies and collect data. This could be anything from evaluating the efficiency of a business unit to the throughput of a ride. Most of the interns are given opportunities to help with inter-departmental time studies and data collection. This allows us to venture outside our assigned areas of work so that we can expand our experiences while here at Disney.

My first day of work at Disney was fairly standard: departmental orientation in the morning and getting settled into my office in the afternoon. I also made time to take a shameless first-day-of-work selfie because I feel like a real grown up.

Today was my second day working at Disney, but it didn't involve much actual working. My morning was spent at the office familiarizing myself with my upcoming project work. Afterwards, all of the industrial engineering interns met up and spent our afternoons at the parks. The department wanted to give us a chance to bond and explore all that Disney has to offer.

My group spent the day in Epcot. We started off the day by grabbing a handful of Fastpass+ before moving on to ride Test Track and Mission: SpaceMission: Space definitely wasn't my favorite, since it spun us around in order to create higher G-Forces (something I am not a fan of).

Since we had some time before we could use our Fastpass+, we decided to take a lap around World Showcase and explore. World Showcase features the sights, scents, and experiences of about a dozen countries from around the world. Disney goes to extreme lengths to ensure that each country is represented authentically and captures the culture's true spirit. One of these such exhibits included a scaled down version of Emperor Qin's Terra Cotta Army.

We ended the day at Soarin', a ride that that gives you the feather-light feeling of hang gliding above Californian scenery. Afterwards, we decided to head out since we were all exhausted from trekking around the park all day. It was nice to have had the opportunity to explore the park before diving into actual project work.

Though I'll be working overtime this Saturday, the interns will definitely be spending more time together outside of work. We're planning to hit up some beaches this weekend. I'm hoping the weather is nice because I definitely want to explore Florida while I'm down here!