I Got An Empire State of Mind

I Got An Empire State of Mind

I have officially lived in the city for 10 days. Against all odds, I am not a stressed out mess. After being a bit overwhelmed initially, things are going pretty well and I've learned a few things along the way this past week:

1 // Flats are your best friend. I made the horrible mistake of wearing stilettos to work last week instead of stashing them and wearing flats on the way there. Aside from being painful, it wasn't too much fun when my heel got stuck in some subway grating and I almost broke an ankle.

2 // My new favorite game is "guess how much I paid for this." You will guess, and you will be wrong. There also aren't any Targets here which doesn't help the fact.

3 // Always carry an umbrella. It will rain and you will get caught it in without an umbrella while trying to run to the nearest subway entrance.

4 // The food here is unbeatable. I've eaten out a dozen times or so in my short time here and all of them have been amazing. One of my favorites was brunch at the Cupping Room Cafe in Soho.

5 // Groceries are NOT on every corner. Sometimes they are 12 corners away. Lugging milk home that far is not an option. Thank you FreshDirect for being my new best friend.

6 // The subway isn't actually that hard to figure out. This was the one thing that I was most worried about. Most people I have met so far are really friendly and will be happy to point you in the right direction if you're lost. It also helps that Google Maps tells you which trains to take.

7 // There isn't much greenery. And by "isn't much" I mean none. There is concrete, metal, and skyscrapers in every direction. The parks aren't much better. They are also made of concrete, except the city throws in a fountain with a few flower beds and trees. Nothing like a park back home. Thankfully, I was able to visit Central Park this past week.