Dr. Google

Dr. Google

Every real doctor in the world knows this doctor and probably hates its guts. Yes, I am talking about the infamous Dr. Google.

When it comes to visiting Dr. Google, I am amongst the worst offenders. As soon as I get some sort of itch or a little headache, I run to the computer to figure out what is going on.

And then I start freaking out because I have convinced myself I'm dying of something I can't even pronounce.

So I take a little trip over to the real doctor and our conversation usually goes a little something like this.

Somya: So I've been having all these symptoms... blah blah blah.

Doctor: No need to worry, you just have a [insert something normal like a cold].

Somya: Okay, well I Googled my symptoms aaaaand...

(Yes, Snape is the doctor and I would be Ron)

Doctor: I see we had a visit to Dr. Google.

And then the real doctor patiently listens to all the bogus crap I found on Google and calmly explains to me the thousand reasons why I'm wrong, wrong, wrong and tells me that I should never Google my symptoms.

But of course I never listen.

This has seriously happened to me on numerous occasions. Doctors I go visit are most probably really tired of all my self-diagnoses.