Don't Eat My Beignets

The day before leaving New Orleans, our group of thirty something family friends from around the country decided to explore the city together and experience it's "voodoo." Except we didn't start out with a group of thirty something people.

At first it was just eight of us getting lunch together.

But then there was another group of eight who tagged along.

And then our GPS coordinates got put into a PSA, so then a dozen other friends foraged their way over and we overran this tiny little vegan cafe called Seed that barely had enough room to seat all of us.

This was completely fine, except now we had thirty people that we needed to move all the way across town to Cafe du Monde. All of the "adults" in our group hadn't seen each other in awhile and engaged themselves in a lot of chatter, which meant us "children" were left to figure out the logistics of getting everyone from Point A to Point B.

The end result was a game of telephone whenever we had to take a turn during our two mile journey. Since our group ending up spanning a quarter of a mile as the slow people (aka the dads) fell behind, we just had to hope that the message made it to the end of the line and everyone made it to our end destination.

We eventually made it there (after many, many distractions and detours), but nonetheless we made it. We waited our turn in line and managed to secure half a dozen tables around the Cafe du Monde patio for our massive group.

I hadn't been to Cafe du Monde since my senior year of high school, but the hot cocoa and beignets were as good as I remembered!

Everyone sadly said their goodbyes as many left to head back to the hotel and pack for their trips home the following morning. Being able to visit the famous Cafe du Monde was a perfect, sugary sweet way of ending our ever memorable trip to New Orleans.