Turning 21

This past week, I finally turned 21! After being in the city for three weeks, I was starting to have some serious FOMO as everyone else around me participated in classy NYC happy hours and hit up the "intern bars" on the weekends.

Since my birthday was in the middle of the week, I decided that a happy hour was appropriate. It took a bit of searching to find the perfect rooftop bar for the occasion, but I finally found a cute place called The Delancey. As soon as I saw the images of leafy palms on their website, I knew this was the rooftop bar I wanted. I didn't realize how much I'd be missing the greenery from back home. This bar was exactly the laid-back atmosphere I was looking for.

That Friday, Chika and Deni were scheduled to come into town. One questionable bus ride later, the two of them arrived! After some frantic texts as I left work, the two of them managed to navigate the subways themselves and get to the hotel without ending up in Queens.

I hadn't seen Chika in over six months and Deni in over three. It was so nice seeing faces from back home and it helped with the homesickness I'd been having.

For my first weekend as a 21 year-old, I had made a reservation at The DL. Before heading out for the night, Chika and Deni dragged me to the nearest Party City to ensure we had essentials for the night: an obnoxious birthday sash to let everyone in the area know that I have in-fact turned 21.

Thank you to all the girls who came out and made my night incredibly special. It would have been nice celebrating my 21st with my girls back in Ann Arbor, but celebrating in the city was definitely an unbeatable experience.