Keeping Busy on Staycation

This week is the first real vacation that I've taken since starting working full-time. No family obligations or requests to "be available via email", none of that. I've shut down completely this week with no emails, phone calls, or work to be done. It's been an odd but nice feeling. Fighting the urge to check my work phone has been more difficult than I thought it would be.

Though I'm on vacation, that's not to say I've been lazing around doing nothing. Quite the opposite in fact.

staycation not lazycation

The first few days of my vacation have been a "staycation" here in Chicago, before Jon and I spend the latter part of our vacation between Nashville and Michigan. These first few days of vacation, I've woken up as early (if not earlier) than I would for work. There's something about the day being entirely mine that makes me more inclined to avoid wasting even a minute.

I started off the first couple days of my staycation by knocking out about 60% of my ever growing to-do list. From there, it was time for a spa day, brunch with some girlfriends, and moving around some of my retirement savings (thrilling stuff, I know). I definitely took advantage of being in Chicago to get some more use out of my ClassPass membership and try some new types of workout classes.

hot yogalates

For my first staycation workout, I gave hot yogalates a try. My allergies had been bothering me a bit lately, so I figured that would be just the thing to clear up my sinuses. I show up to the 105F yoga studio near me, apparently with too many clothes on. I walk into the fitness studio and notice that men and women alike around me were very minimally clothed. All of the men were in shorts (no shirts) and some were in what I would liken to speedos. All of the women were in spandex shorts and most had stripped down to their sports bras. Here I was with full-length leggings and a synthetic workout tank on.

I quickly realized why less clothing was more in hot yoga. About 10 minutes in, the warm room went from comfortably warm to swelteringly hot. For the entire one hour class, it essentially felt like someone was drizzling me with a stream of water. Then the instructor asked us to start doing burpees. Needless to say, he received large amounts of side-eye from me as I begrudginly sloshed through the set.


I also discovered why bringing a large "yoga towel" was recommended. I made the mistake of wiping sweat off myself with my bare hand. Much to my dismay, I came back with a large puddle in my hand. I didn't realize it was humanely possible to sweat so much in such a short period of time. My yoga mat became a slip-and-slide very quickly.

Not sure what my feels were on hot yoga. I wasn't entirely a fan of working out in what was more-or-less a sweat-scented sauna.

simulated surfing workout

Next up for new workouts was a SurfSET class. I stopped over at Hang 5 Fitness to give one of their surfing classes a try. This was a yoga-style strengthening class that was done entirely on a surfing simulator. It incorporated squats, jumps, planks, and core exercises. The tricky part was doing all of these exercises while trying to keep your balance.

Good news, I made it out in one piece. 

This was a workout I would definitely do again. Having blown out my right knee once and right ankle twice, it proved to be a low-impact workout that prevented one of my legs from overcompensating for the other.

breaking out the camera

The weather this past Sunday ended up being beautiful, so before jetting off to my workout class for the day, I woke up extra early to catch the sunrise as it came up over Lake Michigan. This was the perfect excuse to break in the new prime lens that I had recently purchased.

I eventually got the wireless remote app working on my phone and was able to grab a handful of shots where I didn't look entirely awkward. Let me tell you, this wasn't easy. While it was nice being able to preview my shots on my phone, it proved to be hard to start the timer and then quickly stash the phone before the camera clicked. I'll need to get the batteries replaced on my wireless remote before next time.

By the time 7:30 am rolled around, there were a fair mount of joggers and people walking their dogs who were getting in the way of my shots. I decided it was time to pack up and edit the shots I'd been able to capture. All in all, loving the quality of this new lens. I'm excited to bring it along to Nashville and snag some solid vacation shots as well.