Cena En Aventura

After a tiresome 10-hour drive later, I am officially home! I won't be returning to Ann Arbor for another eight months.

Before heading out, my family and I enjoyed a dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Ann Arbor: Aventura. Aventura is a tapas-style Spanish restaurant. This was the first time any of us had been to a Spanish restaurant, so we weren't sure what to expect.

The waitress carefully walked us through the menu, which was written predominantly in Spanish. From there, we selected a variety of appetizers, a flat bread, some sheep cheese, and we each chose a tapas to share.

The first thing that arrived at the table were the appetizers. We had ordered two sets of appetizers, which we figured would be plenty for four people. Unlike appetizers served at typical American-style restaurants, the tapas-style appetizers were literally bite-sized. However, the appetizers and the flat bread that followed were unlike anything I had ever tasted before! They were absolutely delicious.

When the tapas arrived, we set them in the middle of the table and began trying a bit of each. It was interesting to experiment with the different flavors and how they tasted together. My favorite of the tapas was the Alcachofas Fritas, the Fried Artichokes.

The food was definitely delicious, but while writing this post, my family and I discovered something that left us feeling a bit upset. Since we are strict vegetarians (no fish, chicken, etc.) we always make sure to have the waiter or waitress double check all our dishes for any possible hidden ingredients that are not vegetarian. While writing this post, I looked up the Aventura menu and translated the main listed ingredients for the Alcachofas Fritas and discovered that the main ingredient in the dipping sauce was anchovies.

If you weren't already aware, anchovies are a type of fish, something we absolutely do not eat. Our waitress had assured us multiple times that our selected dishes were meat-free and that the sauce was a cheese-based dipping sauce. It looks like Aventura needs to take some more time teaching their staff what the listed ingredients are. Due to this incompetency, we will unfortunately not be returning to or recommending Aventura.